We are an NBAA–endorsed group of experienced aviation specialists who coordinate emergency aviation response during disasters. Our primary mission is to assist governments and NGOs by moving people and supplies to where they are most needed.


Since Operation Katrina and Operation Haiti, we have incorporated and been granted 501c3 non-profit status by the IRS and have established and met many objectives to make the next emergency response more efficient, more effective and safer.


 Primary among those objectives is the establishment of five major logistics bases in the United States, which Pilatuswill allow us to begin initial response efforts as rapidly as possible. To do this we are continually forming new working relationships with FBOs, NGOs, Government agencies and aircraft owner/operators. The coordination of effort and intelligence that these relationships provide will serve to ensure that the assets pledged to us are utilized to maximum effect in time of need.


Additionally, our existing relationships with various NGO's, private corporations and the United States Navy continue to afford us opportunities to assist in non disaster humanitarian operations around the world.


Please look through our site and consider joining us in both preparing for, and reacting to, future disaster response efforts. For more information, please contact us via email or via telephone to (951) 491-9827.