International Humanitarian Aid


Directly following the Haitian Earthquake in 2010, we entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. DoD/SouthCom which transitioned our disaster response operations into the recovery phase of the disaster.  We transported over 200 pallets of donations, no longer by private aircraft but through the efficiency of a Navy ship which landed in Northern Haiti the summer of 2010.


We realized the importance of continuing operations with donor partners as well as aviation groups so that through continued projects, we maintain operational readiness.


We have been very successful at transporting needed donations to 8 of the poorest Countries in the World.  AERObridge partners with local groups or organization in these 8 Countries, we ask them what they need, and we try to deliver what is asked.


Access to clean water is a struggle in all of these Countries.  Your donation of $25 will put a Life Straw in the hands of a child to prevent numerous types of water borne illnesses.  Help one of these children today by clicking on the donate button below!








To make a donation in an amount of your choosing, please click on the PayPal button below.  Through this gateway, you may make a single monetary donation or a monthly, recurring donation which will be used to support our ongoing efforts to relieve suffering throughout the world.  We appreciate your support!








If you would like to sponsor a child's education in Uganda or Kenya, please contact for details. Once you are matched with a child, you can click the donate now button to pay for their annual fees."




AERObridge has helped transport shoes, pencils, paper, blankets, rice, fortified milk powder, soap, toothbrushes and combs to 150 slum children whose organization survives on meager donations.  The blue crocs the children are wearing were donated in Dubai and we helped get them to Bangladesh.  By delivering these things to the children, we help reduce the expenses of the school which stretches their money a bit further.














After Typhoon Haiyan in early 2014, AERObridge began supporting the people of Tacloban.  We transported water filtration units and rice for the immediate crisis followed with continued support to date.


Long after other major international aid agencies have moved on to newer disasters, we continue to support the people.  We have sent in rice, fortified milk powder, soap, new and used crocs, pencils, schoolbooks, toothbrushes and combs.


This picture shows a young girl receiving a 2Kg bag of rice that was donated by a schoolchild in Dubai.  AERObridge conducted a project so the student in a school colored a sticker and sent their person message to a child in need.










AERObridge supports children at the Shumen Orphanage, the New Horizon Boys Orphanage, and a preschool run by Seeds of Peace.  We have delivered Christmas gifts, educational materials, shoes, toothbrushes, soap, rice, fortified milk powder, backpacks, clothes and toys for the preschool.


The girls at the orphanage only asked for shoes for Christmas last year.  We sent a little bit more for each child and we made them very, very happy.













In Uganda, we support 6 schools with over 3,000 students.   We have transported school supplies, shoes, rice, milk powder, pencils, backpacks, soap, Christmas toys, and baseball equipment for the little league team.  In the picture above, we delivered over 900 pencils due to the donation of 3 fifth grade students who conducted a bake sale fundraiser in their local communities.















AERObridge supports Shishur Sevay, a special needs home for 14 girls.  Michelle, a former doctor in the United States, runs the home and fights a daily battle against criminals that want to misuse the girls based on their handicaps.  AERObridge helps them by bringing shoes, soap, toothbrushes, adult diapers, clothes, toys and swim gear.  In the picture, Michelle is giving the girl a doll.














In South Africa, AERObridge partners with Feed a Child which has 9 projects in which they deliver donations to the poorest communities.  In the above picture, the little girl has received warm weather clothing.  We began working in Johannesburg when a little girl froze to death in the night and we were asked if we could help bring in blankets.  Since the initial help with blankets, we have sent them shoes, clothes, soap, toothbrushes, backpacks, rice, fortified milk powder, books and Christmas toys.





















AERObridge supports a swim program for the deaf, a special needs home and a desperate community in the North of the Country.  We have sent in swim caps, towels, kickboards, shoes, sheets, toothbrushes, pencils, soap, combs, bathrobes, and pillowcases for a fabric painting project.  In the picture, these deaf girls were given the opportunity to learn to swim.  Through our partner, Candle Aid Lanka, we were able to send them the materials to lower their costs and use the little funding they have for swim teachers.