Survival Bracelets

Survival bracelets are made with 550 paracord. The 550 cord is made from nylon so it dries quickly and won't mildew. There are 7 inner strands, which are actually made up of 2 strands each, giving a total of 14 inner strands. Each small single strand is capable of holding 17.5 pounds, each twin twisted strand is 35 pounds, and the sheath itself holds about 300 pounds, combine all this together and you get a cord that will hold 550 pounds.

What can paracord bracelets be used for?

• Sewing (inner strands)
• Emergency sutures (inner strands)
• Equipment repair
• Fishing line (inner strands)
• String for bow & arrow
• Fishing gill nets
• Animal snares
• Twine
• Clothes line
• Tooth floss (inner strands)
• Splints
• Tourniquet
• Tarp / Basher Ridgelines
• Shoelaces
• Equipment tie downs
• Tent guylines
• Hanging kit from limbs keeping animals out of food.

In Emergency, simply pull the seared ends through the bracelet and unravel the remaining cord.

Large double weave (2 colors) has over 15 feet of paracord.
Large single weave has over 8 feet of paracord.
Medium double weave (2 colors) has over 13 feet of paracord.
Medium single weave has over 7 feet of paracord.
Small double weave (2 colors) has over 11 feet of paracord.
Small single weave has over 6 feet of paracord.

Large bracelet measure 8 ¾ inches in length
Medium bracelets measure 7 ¾ inches in length
Small bracelets measure 6 ¾ inches in length


Team Colors are Black/Gold, Black/Orange,
Royal Blue/Red, Red/Gold
Black/Red, Maroon/Gold, Midnight Blue/Orange,
Royal Blue/Orange
Black Single Weave or Black Double Weave
Desert Camo/Black
Black/Olive Green
Khaki/Black Black/Khaki


Olive Green/Black