Hurricane Maria Update 18 October:


Despite comments from politicians and journalists, the situation has neither stabilized nor improved substantially since Hurricane Marie hit the islands of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  In many respects, despite the efforts of many NGOs and responders, the situation is actually worse than it has ever been.  For this reason AERObridge continues to bring critically needed aid and supplies into the islands.  Our latest mission delivered nearly 100,000 pounds of food, generators, hygiene kits via a chartered AmeriJet Boeing 767 out of Miami International.  We also continue to work with both ground based teams and small aircraft operators to move our aid into remote areas.


As you have seen on the news Puerto Rico and the Caribbean have been hit extremely hard by Hurricane Maria. We realize the costs associated with long overwater missions like this and if anyone has an aircraft capable and is willing to assist with Airlift to Puerto Rico and the USVI please let us know. We will connect you with viable missions in that region. We understand that because of the distances involved not everyone is capable of responding this time. We are currently only looking for aircraft capable of safely making a long over water crossing to accomplish this mission.


Hurricane Irma Update 18 September:


Mission accomplished in the Florida keys! Operations at Lakeland have been shut down as of noon yesterday. As the roads are open, trucks are now bringing supplies in to the Keys. The operations at X51 are also being shut down as of noon today, 18 September.


AERObridge would like to thank all the pilots, companies and support staff who have worked tirelessly over the past weeks to make this endeavor a success and brought help to those is dire need. We are shifting our focus to the Virgin Islands as they are possibly about to be struck by a Second hurricane. Check back on the group page or for more information.


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